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"The most effective cost control & budgeting system for the Hospitality Industry on the market today"

This cost control system with help you save THOUSANDS!
Built for Restaurant and Hotel Food & Beverage Department Operations and to be used by Managers, Chefs, Operators and Owners, By The Numbers is an indispensable sales and expense monitoring tool that not only creates a platform for the daily management of cost control, but teaches fiscal discipline and awareness to the professionals that are directly responsible for spending an operation's cash. You will never wait for a financial statement again in order to determine the profitability of your Restaurant or Food & Beverage Operation.

Watch a Demonstration of the By The Numbers System-
narrated by BTN founder & creator, Carl A. Bruggemeier



Financial Budgeting and Scorecard for Chefs and Managers.


By The Numbers lets you:

  • Quickly create a weekly Food, Beverage and Labor Budget.

  • Track Daily Food, Beverage, and Labor Spending.

  • Track Food & Beverage Sales.

  • Compare Day, Week, Period and Annual Historical Data.

  • Solve problems immediately by isolating problematic areas of expense and weak sales categories.

  • Additional features automatically move business critical data from POS & Time Clock Systems into BTN to eliminate the risks and time associated with human data entry.

BTN is the most powerful, easy to use financial
management system on the market today!  Budget
spending, track income, and make highly profitable decisions!

Contact or Call us at 877-702-7738 to get started!

BTN can be used as a stand-alone application
or in conjunction with The CZH Total Analysis:

Find out how CZH & BTN can provide a Total Profit Solution
for Restaurant / Hotel Food & Beverage Department Operations!


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