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Services: Build the Restaurant

CZH has years of experience coordinating, monitoring, and advising on all aspects of restaurant construction. We ensure that the integrity of the vision and carefully assembled concept remains intact as contractors, designers, and new staff members come on board and the restaurant comes to life.
Design Concepts by EDG
Clients praise our ability to make:
"Their visions come to life- on time and on budget."
  • Coordination:
    The Planning and Coordination involved in building a New Restaurant is a daunting task. The efforts of numerous Professionals must be constantly monitored, updated and meshed together seamlessly if the Project is to be created with the solid foundation necessary to ensure future success. CZH has built over 100 successful Restaurants and Retail Concepts using very specific processes and standing at the center of these myriad activities.
  • Communication:
    Talking and listening are important factors in every aspect of Life. Real communication means creating a plan, implementing that plan and achieving all of the Stakeholders goals. Through our years of experience we have become very astute and expert listeners – we get to the Heart of the Matter and see that all others involved in the Project get there and stay focused, also.

  • Milestones/Deadlines:
    Time is one of the most important commodities in business – Time is Money! Establishing realistic timelines with measurable Milestones is critical to succeeding at any process. Meeting Deadlines and staying on track when challenges arise is one of the Hallmarks of CZH.

  • FF&E Procurement and Placement
    It is not enough to design and build the Restaurant – remember – we must equip the Restaurant. Procurement, specifications, pricing, timing and staging of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment for all areas of the business will make or break the Project. We at CZH are experts at these tasks and have the Vendor Relationships to purchase at the best possible price and insure the on time delivery needed to accomplish installation and placement at the right points in the Project.
  • Budgets:
    The proper deployment of Capital Resources both Financial and Human will put any Project on the correct path or doom it to failure. Establishing Budgets that make sense based on numerous factors and achieving the desired Return on Investment are the essence of any successful Project. CZH will establish, guide and monitor all of these processes with Ownership to make sure that reality is the order of the day and provide the results on time and on budget.



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