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When you understand your market and a clear vision for the restaurant's concept has been established, it's time to begin putting a detailed plan together. This is where CZH will help you make very important spending decisions, and ensure that design features and budgetary goals are always in balance. Our approach to a successful restaurant design includes:

Design Concepts
"Image is Everything - Perception is Reality"
  • Design a Total Concept:
    Developed in great detail to merge a food, décor, and service that relates to the target customer.
  • Superior Space Utilization:
    Both in the dining room and in the kitchen to create a harmonious flow of action.

  • Purpose Driven Designs:
    Present a sense of place, culture, local flavors & ingredients in an environment of comfort and casual ease.
  • Comprehensive Identity Package:
    A seamless visual blend of décor, branding, menu, communications, and total restaurant design.

  • All Details Anticipated:
    Excellence delivered with comprehensive planning and all details anticipated, budgets met, milestones acheived will culiminate in measurable results.

CZH provides a Wide Array of Specific Services that accompany our Total Restaurant Design Approach:
Culinary Affiliations
From James Beard Award Winners and Nominees to Cookbook Authors to Television Appearances, a CZH Culinary Affiliation can bring Brand Awareness, years of Successful Restaurant Operations and Significant Media Awareness to any establishment. We feature some of the most acclaimed Culinary Talent in America today. The Chefs displayed here represent a sample of the talented range of Culinary Professionals that we work with.
Staff Selection & Training
Staff Training
  • Selection of key staff members by the CZH Advisory Team: Chef de Cuisine, Restaurant Manager, Sommelier, Pastry Chef.

  • Validation of other staff profiles.

  • Employee Handbook:
    Coordinated with the Operator for each employee to meet quality standards and procedures.

  • Employee code of conduct and targeted training are cumpulsory and developed by CZH in conjunction with the Operator.
Kitchen/BOH Design
Kitchen Design
  • Kitchen space planning, equipment layouts and specifications are recommended to our Licensing Partners.

  • A kitchen/food service facilites designer in conjunction with CZH will provide all layouts, specifications, and MEP information.

  • The transparency of an open kitchen is desirable and will be incorporated into the plan whenever possible.
Dining Room/FOH Design

    Dining Room/FOH Design
  • Dining Room floorplans FF&E specifications and overall ambiance.

  • CZH, wherever possible, will create exposed wine cellars in order to promote sales.

  • All front of the house layouts, including dining rooms, bars, and lounges, are prepared following extensive communication between CZH and all Stakeholders.
Visual Identity & Graphics
Visual Identity & Graphic Design
  • Creation of all graphics, logos, and visual identity materials will be directed by the CZH Advisory Team.

  • A full array of standardized graphic materials will be produced, including: menus and beverage lists, business cards, letterhead, brochures, public relations materials, and an online presence.
Table Top/OS&E Selection
Table Top/OS&E Selection
  • Table top: China, flatware, glassware, and accessories will be selected, sourced, and presented for Stakeholder approval.

  • A detailed listing of all OS&E will be prepared, sourced, and presented for Stakeholder approval.
Menu & Wine List Content
Menu & Wine List Content
  • Menus for all applicable Meal Periods are created by the CZH Advisory Team. All menus will be updated on a regular basis.

  • Local ingredients are used to create regionally influenced dishes that are periodically added to the menu in order to enhance the restaurant's sense of place.

  • All beverage menus, including wine lists, wine by the glass programs, and selections of hand crafted cocktails, are created by CZH based on local market opportunities and sources of supply.

  • All menu designs and presentations will be integrated to reinforce brand identity.
Adherence to Quality
Adherence to Quality
  • The CZH Advisory Team continually monitors the standards and quality of all aspects of the restaurant.

  • A representative of CZH will make periodic site visits to the restaurant, as required, in order to ensure guest satisfaction, pursuit of excellence, and profitability.

  • Interaction between the Local Guidance Team, Corporate Management and Ownership occurs regularly to enhance operational execution and validate the concept.
Communication & PR
Communication & PR
  • The CZH Advisory Team will coordinate all Media oriented materials that are utilized.

  • PR responsibility is shared between the Operators, Local Guidance Team, PR team, and the CZH Hospitality Group.

  • Local PR team generates continual press book updates and suggests relevant events and media coverage needed to enhance the brand.



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