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Maintaining a high level of Market Relevance requires a sharp awareness of changing trends, economic conditions, competitive growth, emerging technologies, and the increasingly savvy and well-traveled guest.

It is essential that a restaurant maintain a clear understanding of the clientele's expectations and needs. If not, new and repeat business may quickly opt for other choices in the Market Place. Important factors such as pricing structure, décor, service style, and a multitude of other details are key to making a substantial impact in the competitive arena as well as increasing business year after year.

Whether staying ahead of the curve or considering a new market, a CZH Feasibility Study provides the necessary information to make highly informed strategic decisions.

Our fully customized report includes, but is not limited to, the following areas of analysis:

  • Demographic and Economic Breakdown of a Market Place:
    - Population & Age Groups
    - Tourism Factors
    - Housing
    - Workforce
    - Family Income
    - Other Metropolitan Comparisons
    - Major Industries
    - Primary Employers
    - Local and Regional Neighborhood Analysis
    - Graphics and Charts where applicable
    - Market Observations by CZH Analyst:
    - Location
    - Competition
    - Influential Events
    - Culinary Trends—National and Local
    - Transportation
    - Upcoming Developments and Renovations

  • Competitive Survey of Restaurants (and Hotels) in the Market Place:
    - Number of Restaurants according to Local Neighborhoods
    - Restaurants in Local Neighborhoods
    - Type of Restaurant
    - Meal Periods
    - Hours of Operation
    - Price Range for each Menu Category

  • Photographic Essay of the Market Place:
    - Entertainment & Attractions
    - Convention Centers
    - Parks
    - Museums
    - Theatres
    - Sports
    - Other Attractions

  • Conclusion/Analysis of the Market Place:
    - Suggestions of action to take regarding your established needs and goals.

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