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To best suit the individual needs of each client, CZH offers several Operational Services that can be utilized as either a Specific Targeted Engagement or as a comprehensive combination of Analysis Services and Software Solutions. Below are some samples of how CZH can provide any establishment with a wide variety of operational guidance, expertise and support:
Design Concepts by EDG
  • Pre & Post Opening Goals:
    We can provide the necessary assistance to open on time and acheive budgetary goals leading to the grand opening, and once the doors are open for business.
  • Ongoing Management/Support:
    CZH can play an important oversight role regarding all operations of your restaurant. We will monitor on a monthly basis management & financial performance and provide the necessary solutions to mazimize guest satisfaction and profits.

  • Financial Analysis & Recommendations:
    We will monitor, identify, and problem solve all aspects of your restaurant's food, beverage & labor costs before its too late!
  • Software Systems:
    We have created our own Web-based Budgeting, Cost Control, and Restaurant Management Software Solutions to provide entire restaurant teams with one highly versatile reservation, customer, staff management system.
    Learn more about Cost Control Software and our Restaurant Management Software.

  • The CZH Total Analysis:
    A combination of all of our operational services designed to maximize Return on Investment.
    Learn more about The CZH Total Analysis.



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