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We provide expert guidance at every level of a restaurant's development and operation. From the very initial genesis of an idea to a well-established, fully operational destination hot-spot, you will find that all of our services are driven by a common thread: Increase revenue, decrease costs and produce profits. We believe every restaurant has opportunity to grow and perform better!

1. Get a Comprehensive Restaurant Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study
  • Demographic and Economic Breakdown of a Market Place
  • Competitive Survey of Restaurants (and Hotels, if applicable) in the Market Place
  • Photographic Essay of the Market Place
  • Conclusion/Analysis of the Market


2. Determine the Best Possible Restaurant Concept

Feasibility Study
  • Concept Process
  • Budget & Costs
  • Risk Factors
  • Success Goals


3. Design the Right Restaurant for the Location/Market

Feasibility Study
  • Design a Total Concept
  • Superior Space Utilization
  • Design Driven by Functionality
  • Comprehensive Identity Package
  • All Details Anticipated


4. Build a Restaurant on Time and on Budget

Feasibility Study
  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Milestones
  • FF&E Procurement and Placement
  • Deadlines
  • Budgets


5. Operate the Restaurant to Produce a Return On Investment

Feasibility Study
  • Pre & Post Opening Goals
  • Ongoing Management
  • Financial Analysis & Recommendations
  • Software Systems
  • The CZH Total Analysis


To get started, we recommend an initial phone conversion so we can understand what your budget, goals, and percieved challenges are. Some services can be performed over the phone and through the web and may be initiated almost immediately. Other, more comprehensive services may require a CZH visit to your restaurant's location to acquire all of the necessary information and make educated assessments. Our fees are based on several factors and range from hourly, to daily, to complete per-project arrangements. In addition, many of our services are also coupled, or offered with, a range of productivity and management tools, so our clients may reap the benefit of CZH Services for a long time to come.


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