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"A Spa Treatment for your Restaurant"

Our Restaurant Revitalization Packages are a blend of CZH Services and Tools that act as a refresher for any restaurant that wants to invigorate its staff, menu selections, elements of decor, and operating proceedures.

CZH will breathe new life into a restaurant by offering recommendations in the following key areas:

  • Brand Identity:
    What factors are driving the brand? Does the identity need an update? What is the condition of signage, internet presence, and neighborhood awareness, to give a few examples.

  • Menus:
    Do the items on each menu make sense? What's selling, what's getting thrown out? What does the competition offer? Is a complete overhaul with a few simple modifications all that's needed? Are pricing structures up date and profitable?

  • Decor:
    Fabrics, textures, lighting, bathrooms, traffic flow-- visually and functionally, what is the state of the restaurant's "look"?

  • Staff:
    Does the restaurant thrive on a culture of teamwork, foresight, and customer satisfaction? Is the staff passionate and informed about what's being prepared and sold? Is the leadership of Management as effictive and thorough as it could be?

  • Systems & Controls:
    How is spending controlled? How is the income tracked? At day's end, do the books balance? Could the financials be handled with greater efficientcy? Are team members losing productivity due to outdated methods and proceedures? Does the kitchen lose product due to spoilage or inexperienced cooking techniques or over ordering?

If some of these questions sound familiar, please let us know. A CZH Restaurant Revitalization is a great way to elevate a restaurant's standards, motivation, overall value, and most importantly, the guest's dining experience.



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